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FreeChunk is a free Minecraft hosting service that provides micro servers to you with the click of a button!
After the server has been started, it will kill itself and remove the world files in exactly 2 week, 14 days, or 1,209,600 seconds! The creation process will give you the ports to access your server after setup.

Do NOTE that the Minecraft server's have a 5 slot count, running 1.8-1.12 protocol, is cracked / offline, and uses Cuberite as its back bone. Each server is shipped with a set of plugins to allow each player with a set of necessary abilities to enjoy their free chunk!

Terms of usage: These servers are free to use and last 2 weeks. You can create as many servers as you'd like but do keep in mind that there are creation restrictions on the "start server" operations. Do NOT attempt to crash or in any way harm the integrity of the network. You will be IP banned.

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